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Here’s Five Recipes for West Javanese Ready-to-Eat Meals

There are plenty of recipes for dishes found in West Java where they are readily available, some of which are five meals ready for the standard edible food in Java West Java that is to be tested. Not only rich in sweet, salty, and simple and dangerous, West Java also has a great variety of dishes that are no less delicious.

Most Sundanese people are more like food that tastes spied wax and salt. But on the other hand they like the dishes of its variety that serve the fresh vegetables in them. In addition to being healthy and delicious, this vegetarian dish is easy to process, even if no longer cooking process is in place.

Some of the original dishes from West Java as a favorite for everyone including local people are Karedok, Tahu Gejrot, then tutug the oncom rice legend, Seblak Crackers, the original Sundanese liwet rice dish.  You can try those five recipes directly ready to eat in West Java.

Although it seems like it has multiple menu sections, in fact, how to cook these dishes is easy for it. Some of the materials used are also easy to find and do not require expensive costs. Check out the following review to immediately start learning to cook this traditional recipe that can be enjoyed by loved ones.

Western Food has Salad, West Java Has Karedok

One of the five western Javanese ready to eat food  that you should know is Karedok. Yes, if you usually enjoy vegetarian prayers in Western restaurants, the dish is almost identical. Their composition is equally made up of different vegetables, and vegetables of only its types are different from salads.

If the salad usually uses lettuce, carrots, slices of sweet corn, and also tomatoes, which is different from karedok. This traditional dish from the West Java region contains fresh cucumber-like vegetables, peas-like cucumbers, long cucumbers, cabbage, milk, basil leaves, and also round egg yolks. They all served as a new one and sliced it.

If the salad uses dressings such as olive oil or mayonnaise, Karedok uses a sauce made with natural ingredients too, which is the pickled loom, combined with five garlic in combination with tasting it, as well as eight long red peppermint seeds. You also add a brown sugar yok.

To make the taste more relaxed, bubuhi with a pinch of salt infused salt, also slices of shrimp paste. If you like a little citrus scent, give it a lime squeeze and a finger. Mix while you are satisfied while the plants are evenly distributed. If it is equally smooth, add water as needed to make it one to be smooth.

Yet, one of the five ready-to-eat meals in West Java has been  completed in karedoknya and it is ready to be served by infusing delicious looska literature into the aromatic aroma. Delicious, healthy, effective too to do. What are you waiting for? You should be trying it in turn.

Seblak Spicy Crackers Love Easy All Cycles

Another traditional food not least to eat from West Java is seblak crackers. If you typically eat crackers with a crispy texture, seblak makes crackers taste unique by adding spicy sauce when serving. Although it seems unknown, and if you try it it will surely be the addict.

The components in one of five food ready meals for a typical West Java meal are not only crackers, but you can also add other items such as meatballs, sachets, eggs, and even the juice and soft slices of chicken’s feet. Of course he’s very sweet in taste.

How to do it is very simple. First, you have to prepare the main ingredient of seblak, which is crackers that you soak in water. Then, you can start making a mass of onion and garlic consisting of four and three pieces each, and then some cayenne seeds.

The amount of cayenne is changed only by your taste. Also add six curly curly peppers long, gogo ‘ of leaves. Add water cook until you boil. You also add injected eggs that are seasonally salted, plumes, as well as powdered powder and granulated sugar. Taste the correction as desired.

If he’s starting to boil, you can start peeling the cracks you’ve already peeled, then cutting meatballs or sausages for a taste. If you want vegetables, you can also put them in a capsule or capsule. Cook until everything is cooked, and serve while it’s still hot. The fragrance must be once tempted.

Rice Tutug Oncom Key u si ay u Buuxiso Calooshaada

Five recipes that are destined to be eaten and ready for typical West Java cuisine are actually different, and one of the most sought-after edibles is definitely the food menu at this point, which is Nasi Tutung Oncom. This heavy dish really showed West Java identity. A portion of rice, topped with oncom which is peppery, sweet, and delicious.

This time the dish is better to eat when lunch or dinner is eaten. The production process itself is not hard-pressed. First, prepare a couple of oncom boxes and then break down into a fork yourself using a place to make the brake. Prepare the onion and the garlic only five and two pieces respectively.

To add to the khafified flavor, add five cayenne peppers as well as five fresh red colds, a half-fingered part, a shrimp paste that has been burned as much as half of the sweet, then salt and sugar if needed. Pure until the spices are all well mixed except for oncom.

If it’s fine, you mix a split oncom with fine spices, then bake or bake what’s coming until it’s cooked and a little dry. Prepare warm rice, mix warm rice and white rice together until evenly distributed. Tutug oncom rice is ready to be eaten while still smoking.

Legendary Homemade Gejrot Tofu

The fourth of the next five west javanese ready to eat food is the tofu gejrot meal. You’re certainly not a stranger to hear the special dishes coming, as you can easily find from people who sell them on the sidewalk between the afternoon and the afternoon. In addition to filling, the dish is a delicious dish.

The combination of pepper, salt, as well as sweetness, as well as a good taste, the whole flavor of gejrot tofu sauce really makes a customer’s tongue move away. The typical tofu is also a soft rhombic cut that can also fill your stomach with violence. Who would have thought this recipe was so simple and useful.

You just need to make the looska sauce using gashing shallots and white and green plumes that biscuits cayenne up to smooth. Then, pour the brown sugar solution, then a sweet soy sauce, then tamarind, and salt and water mostly infused with salt and water in the early season.

Prepare and cut the plaid tofu pong tofu, as well as the rhombic, and pour the gejrot tofu sauce on top. Don’t forget before serving and enjoying it, also sprinkle crackers for toppings to add texture. Gejrot tofu is ready to serve.

Origin of Liwet Rice from West Java

The last of the five ready-to-eat meals in typical West Java is liwet rice. Who can stand up to the smelt of sweet rice with the addition of salty fish and fresh petai slices inside the interior? Of course, to enjoy it, you can make this dish yourself.

The process is much simpler as cooking regular rice. It’s just that, you need to add spices like thinly chopped onion white onions, cayenne peppers, shredded lemongrass, bay leaf, pickled anchovies, margarine, a sprinkling of salt, fresh slices of petai and water to end.

Cook the cooking inside with the electric rice and wait for the rice to be cooked. The rice liwet can already be enjoyed in your favorite variety of side dishes. Well, these are five ready-to-eat meals that are common in West Java that you can easily practice at home.

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