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Don’t let it  subscribe to  the latest cable TV show packages  by registering now in indovision call centers.   Indovision is one of the most popular pay-TV  services  today. We provide quality exhibitions for all family members in various  corners of the archipelago.   With a reliable network, image quality is indisputable.

Indovision is  one of the best  pay-TV services presented by the company  MNC Vision for Indonesian families.    This pay-TV service provides a  variety of  quality  entertainment viewing  packages  that can be enjoyed by all  people  in various  corners of the archipelago.   Not only  does it offer the best visuals, but the quality of impressions is also ensured  to be of high quality.

Indovision is supported by a variety of   quality entertainment shows both  domestically and internationally.   There are dozens of quality channels  and various premium channels to satisfy all its subscribers.  We have komitmen to provide quality and the best entertainment for  all family members from children’s educational  shows  to exciting entertainment shows  for parents.



In 2021, indovision provided several attractive packages for all Indonesian families.   With a very affordable package price, you can already provide the best impressions for all family members. If  you are interested  in  installing this latest package, immediately contact  the indovision call center at (021) 21 500 900 or whatsapp to the number 089622600503.

Indovision offers the latest packages 2021 for all customers.   Some of them are as follows :

 New Family Package Offered by Indovision

Family package N ew comes  as the latest subscription package offered by Indovision for all its customers.   This package is offered for 6 months of subscription at a cost of Rp 950,000.   However, it may be more economical if the customer subscribes for a  whole year by simply paying Rp. only 1,100,000

A new family package is a package that is suitable for all family members.   This package meets all the needs of family members  ranging from children to parents.   This new family package presents 56 premium  channels  and 5 high definition (HD) channels  that can be enjoyed for free for 6 months if you register at the indovision call center.

This complete package is available with 4 categories of packages, namely children, entertainment, knowledge and movies. The children’s package comes with  a variety of exciting as well as educational entertainment shows for children.   So not only do we provide entertainment, but we are also committed to providing the best shows  and educating for all  generations  of the nation.

Not only the above categories  , by purchasing this new family package  you can also enjoy free for local air, MNC Channel, for free for International and several other excellent channels.   The Indovision call center offers  more attractive benefits if customers pay subscription fees with the advance payment method.

New Starter Pack that can be used as an Option

For those of you who want a full  package  but with a cheaper subscription fee, this new  starter package may be the right choice.  For 6 months of subscription,  customers will  only  be charged  a  fee of Rp 800,000. However, if you take a one-year subscription  at once, you just need to subscribe at a cost of  only Rp. 900,000.

This package is supported with 46 premium channels and  3 additional high definition channels.   This package  has 4 categories of viewing, namely children, entertainment, knowledge and movies.   Not only that, there are also several free channels such as local, international, MNC channels and dozens of other selected channels.

To subscribe to the new starter package package,  please contact the nearest indovision call center  inyour city.  Not only does it prioritise  entertaining performances , but the children’s category also provides  educational  performances  for children .   Compared to watching conventional television viewing  that are less quality, it is better to look  at the shows in this category of children specifically  for children.

With a subscription  worth only Rp. 800,000, you and  your entire  family  can enjoy quality  shows for  a  full  6 months unconditionally. In the midst of a pandemic condition that requires activities at home, this indovision can be fun entertainment for all keluarga members.   This way even though you want to stay at home ,  you  and your family  can still  have fun entertainment as well as an education.

New Top Vision Package with Featured Channels

The Indovision call center also offers the latest package in 2021 through the top vision package .  This package is offered with a subscription fee of RP 650,000 for 6 months.   After 6 months, customers can extend the package at a price of Rp. 35,000 per month.

By subscribing to the new best vision package, you can already  enjoy 46 excellent channels  and hundreds of free channels that  are certainly interesting and fun.   Not only that, by paying a package of Rp. 650,000, the status of the device  became the property of the customer as well as a 6-month warranty.

New subscribers of the top vision package will get MNC channels, local and international air-free  shows  as well as various other premium channels for free.   No need to worry if you want to subscribe to an  additional package, you can do so in the seventh month with a selection of a starter package or family package.

With this affordable cost, anyone can enjoy this kind of package.  Instead of watching conventional TV shows that show far fewer quality shows, subscribing to this package may be the best solution. So families at home can get impressions of quality, educational but at affordable prices.

Jawara Vision Pack that may be the Best Choice

One of the latest subscription packages offered by  Indovision Call Center is the vision champion package.   This package is the best  option  for those of you who want to subscribe to  Indovision for life.   By paying a registration fee of  Rp. 1,200,000 you can enjoy  indovion shows that are active forever.

The  Jawara vision is   a service package from MNC Vision where customers are offered to buy  a  new  Samsung full HD decover device.  With this device  , customers can enjoy free air shows to local and internationally as MNC Vision forever without having to pay more monthly fees.   It’s not just that  MNC Channel shows  can  also  be enjoyed by the SECwatch for free for a whole year by  subscribing to this package.

If you want to get additional impressions  , Jawara Vision package customers can simply upgrade to other additional packages  .   To subscribe you only  need  the nearest indovision call center in your city.   Next, our team  will come directly  to  your  home  to upgrade to the desired package without having to update the basic package again.

During a pandemic like today, all family members spend more time at home. So as not to get bored, providing impressions of quality and entertainment  is  one of the keys. One way  is to use pay-TV   in indovision because it  provides quality  and  educational  performances for all family members.   Therefore , be sure to immediately contact the indovision call center at (021) 21 500 900 or whatsapp for 08962260050.

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