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Learn the difference between the First Media call center and the contact center

The presence of a first media call center now makes it easier for customers to ask questions about our services. Of course, every large company should have a phone support phone number that can be contacted. Considering that its function is quite vital for a business trip to remain fluid without any type of problem occurring.

It should be noted that the existence of customer service is supposed to make the business healthier and have excellent performance. The proof is that there is no big industry that so far has not had a health center, in fact, almost all of them already have it. For this, you also need to know the important role of them so that the information increases.

First Media is a company that provides services in the technology sector ranging from cable TV, Internet, to communication. It is about making it easier for the whole community to meet their needs, even if they are only at home. Now, almost every place to live uses wifi services, you know.

Engaged in technology and communication, the first media call center already has many professional workers. It has even penetrated into every major city in the country so you don’t have to look for troubled internet services. Our presence offers great benefits to all Internet users during the WFH.

Well, in order to know the difference between a contact center and customer service, we are going to explain everything in this discussion. Follow our explanations to find out what the difference is between the two things, given that many people think the same thing. From the start, without further ado, here is the full explanation.

What do the terms of both mean?

Hearing the first media call center , of course, a lot of people apparently don’t understand the meaning, you know. It’s no wonder that people impose the presence of a service center and customer service is the same thing. Starting first, the contact center itself is a relationship focused on communication and customer service.

The service uses multiple channels solely for the purpose of communication to function properly. The tools range from email users to chat directly using social media apps in the form of Instagram and others. Well, of course, it’s very different compared to the presence of the term call center in every large company.

The call center can be interpreted as the conversation center between customer service and customers over the phone. The system already uses state-of-the-art technology so that incoming and outgoing phones can be handled easily. Guaranteed without any obstacle when dealing with customer problems or complaints.

Considering that the first multimedia call center also uses IVR or better known as Interactive Voice Responds. Where the software system organizes itself directly between incoming phones from different regions to be adjusted to the problem. Categories are directly distinguished so that services become more flexible and save time.

The level of efficiency is very high because users are directly connected to the nearest customer service in their respective regions. Without moving from home, the categories adjust directly from the problem and the area of residence. This is in order to make an extraordinary experience for all customers while using our services.

The difference between the first multimedia call center in communication

Entering into the differences in the way of communicating, of course, it is clear from the previous discussion that each call center uses a phone line. All problems can be solved directly with a conversation to provide the best solution. As a result, our workers are assured of being trained in resolving complaints, no matter how complex they may be.

Every agent is experienced in dealing with customer issues, so there’s no need to doubt it. In addition, all workers are directly supported by companies that can only enter people with high abilities. The quality of serving customers by phone is not necessarily possible for many people, even relatively difficult.

All first media call center workers  are required to be able to resolve any complaints only by telephone. All abilities are guaranteed to be possessed by every employee who is already professional in problem management. In a few seconds, the agent will help you if you have any questions about the product can be expressed directly.

Contact centers tend to take advantage of the existence of digital applications that are now growing very quickly. There’s no denying that increasingly modern technology is enabling businesses to communicate more closely with customers. These apps include email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, all online.

Service centers provide more services through the above apps so that customers can reach them more easily. Considering that almost all users of modern gadgets up to this time have accessed social media. It is a question of bringing the brand image closer to the public so that it is known more widely at a more affordable cost.

Managing user complaints in the queue

The existence of customer service requires only a single solution when managing incoming and outgoing conversations. Because all complaints occur using only phone line media without using other methods. As a result, customers are served by employees faster if they want to ask questions about products ranging from complaints to other things about the company.

The first media call center serves all incoming calls directly given the large number of agents in the office center. In fact, almost every minute there is an incoming call that begins to give suggestions, criticisms or file complaints. However, all of this is a good disposition for commercial actors to correct the shortcomings.

The difference with the service center always uses a tool, namely a software commonly known as an omnichannel queue. It can be interpreted that each customer will be served by queuing in order. Of course, this forces someone to be patient while waiting for answers if they use the contact center to solve problems related to products and services.

The above software also makes it easier for administrators to sort through various complaints, from the lightest to the most complicated. Agents can also complete in sequence, but this takes a lot of time compared to using customer service. Still not satisfied with this fact? We still have different things in between.

Methods of gathering information about the problem

Well, the first media call centers present in all major cities of the country also have interesting methods of gathering information. Because customer service certainly has a role to play in serving every user of the product or service. Only one method is used, which is to maximize the presence of incoming calls.

The call center will provide solutions based on issues received directly via a short chat while the phone is in progress. Employees sequentially record the subject matter of the complaint and immediately provide a solution. Precision in providing solutions is very important in order to maintain comfort to the satisfaction of the user in order to remain loyal to First Media.

Interestingly, service centers using software support are able to maximize tasks in the form of information entry. Agents can easily view information about issues as everything has been recorded by the software. As for the records that will be kept, it is easier for the company to resolve issues in a short time without needing the help of other parties.

After experiencing the various differences above, of course, customers can now contact the customer service center by phone 021-25596000. In addition, it can be by email to get a service with a quick response. At home, the first multimedia call center always serves you to facilitate the resolution of all problems.

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