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How to contact Mega Call Center and most  frequently asked questions

In this article, we will discuss how to contact Mega call centers and the most frequently asked questions of customers. Indeed, there are currently many banking products that you can choose from in Indonesia and suit the needs of individuals or non-individuals.

Bank Mega itself is an Indonesian company in theform of a limited liability company.  Of course, you already know that Bank Mega is engaged in banking and financial services based in Jakarta. Bank Mega has been around since 1992, part of CT Corp.

Like bank products in general, Bank Mega also has savings products. Savings products also offer transaction services such as transfers, cash withdrawals, balance checks, payments, purchases, shopping, and others. Of course, there  is also a Mega call center  ready to serve customers if there are complaints about criticisms or suggestions.

The difference is, you can enjoy various benefits such as debit card shopping promotions, where you can get a 5% discount when shopping at Transmart. After that, there are also other  prize programs available to eligible customers, and there are still many promotions that match other events.

Choosing savings products from Mega Bank

One   of the most common   things  often asked at Mega call centers is about savings   products, where often this is often asked by potential customers who want to open a savings account. There are actually several products that you can choose from according to your needs, including:

  1. Mega Dana is a connection that is often used by individual customers, where this savings provides a fairly progressive interest rate with an initial deposit of 100 thousand.
  2. Mega Maxi, almost the same as Mega funds, except for a larger initial deposit, which is 1 million
  3. Mega Ultima is a product aimed at high-end customers with an initial deposit of VND 100 million.
  4. Mega Forex is a type of savings that requires the means of storing money and trading in various foreign currencies
  5. Mega Plan, this product is a term savings product that can help you discipline savings for certain goals, for example saving for travel purposes, possessions and others
  6. Mega Berbagi, as the name suggests where you  may have special savings to donate, for example, your savings are distributed to build schools, places of worship and other places
  7. Mega Prime is a children’s savings account with a unique character design in a passbook and ATM
  8. Mega Syariah Savings Bank is a savings account with sharia principles and can be for individuals and businesses

Indeed, some people are curious about Bank Mega products so it is rare for them to contact the Mega switchboard for details about these products . This banking company offers a variety of options so that you can decide on a savings account according to your needs.

How to open an account at Mega Bank?

Once you know the different types of savings, it’s time to choose which one is more recommended. The  next question often asked by potential clients is how to open an account where you can actually go directly to the branch office directly.

The requirements tocreate an account yourself are easy, you just need to provide one of the identity cards, for example, such as an identity card, driver’s license or passport, then NPWP, stamp duty 6000 and initial deposit according to the savings product of your choice. You also need to attach company legal documents if used for business entities.

After completing the above requirements, you can go tothe nearest Bank Mega branch office. Then , you are asked to fill out the account opening form in the customer service section. Just follow the instructions, if any, you will receive a debit card with a passbook.

Many people try to contact Mega call center because they want to open an online account. Bank Mega offers the means of opening accounts online, in the era of completely digital, of course, people also want the convenience so that banking services supported by online banking and mobile banking are more popular.

For those of you who want to open an account online, the way is toregister at Mega ATM. Register online via and activate  One Time  password or OTP for financial transactions. So you can choose ways that you think are simpler according to your needs.

How to send obstacles or complaints to Mega call center?

The next question about Bank Mega is what happens if a customer has a problem or wants to submit a complaint about a savings product or service? In fact, it is very easy if you want to submit your complaint, just visit the official website of Bank Mega, the details of which are as follows:

  1. You just have to visit the website
  2. Find the ‘about us’ option
  3. Click ‘contact us’
  4. Then there’s the customer care page and then click on the customer complaint form
  5. Fill in customer complaint data starting from the incident category, account data including account type, account number, name, address, phone, email, and other data
  6. Also fill in the details of the complaint such as the date of the nominal incident and information
  7. Then click the send icon

In addition to the above methods, you can actually contact  the Mega call center or go directly to the nearest branch office to be able to submit a complaint directly. There are also  a number that can be contacted that allow you to appeal more easily.

Bank or Call Center Mega Complaint Number

In addition to going directly to the nearest branch office or sending a complaint on the customer’s complaint form, you can contact the hotline service. Even on the main page of the website, you can interact with the live chat service at the bottom right of the site view.

You just have to click on the livechat service then it will be automatically transferred tothe WhatsApp app. So you can chat through the WhatsApp app on 0822 0822 5000.  You can also have a two-way chat via phone call on 080 4150 0010 for domestic and +62 21 29601600 from abroad.

In addition to the Mega call center,  you can also email criticisms, suggestions, and complaints at Also by contacting social media accounts, by  sending  messages or direct messages on Bank Mega’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts but make sure that these social media accounts are indeed Bank Mega’s official accounts.

As is well known,  there are now a lot of fake bank  social media accounts that are  even detrimental to you if you are not careful and careful when submitting complaints or problems being encountered. Make sure that the social media account is an official account,  namely Facebook accounts: BankMegaID, Twitter: BankMegaID, Instagram: BankMegaID.

Bank Mega always prioritizes customer satisfaction so that there are many options that you can choose from, if you want to contact customer service directly because of the inconvenience or complaint you are experiencing. You should really contact  Mega call center at  the hotline number above for direct reference.

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