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Kentaro Miura conceived up and draws the images for the Berserk series of dark fantasy comics.

Guts, a lone mercenary, and Guts,

a lone mercenary, and Griffith, leader of a mercenary gang known as the Band of the Hawk,

are the protagonists of this dark tale about mercenaries.

The story takes place in a celestial world that resembles medieval Europe.

The novel is rife with themes of community and loneliness,

as well as the question of whether or not mankind as a whole is basically good or horrible,

since it tackles both the best and worst of human nature.

The brutality and sexual content in both the anime and the manga have made them famous.

Bloody manga berserk
The Hawks are first celebrated as heroes for their role in ending the century-

long battle that had been inflicting devastation on the state of Mid

land till Guts decides to leave the group

to follow his own vision. On the other hand, Griffith has his dreams of becoming king shattered.

When Griffith is given a year in prison for his inability to cope with the loss of his wife, he turns to

courting Charlotte, the King’s daughter. Since Guts rescued Griffith by assisting the outlawed Hawks’ last members,

Griffith has become a mute shell of his former self. Since then, Griffith’s appearance has been sever

ely marred. The burden of knowing his body is too much for Griffith to bear;

he accidentally releases the behelit on his buddy, and his cravings show that there is too much for him to think about.

The Hawks follow this clue to a different plane where they meet four God Hand archdemons in the employ of the Eclipse.

Griffith is urged by the eldritch entities to surrender his troops to the apostles,

who, like Zodd, have sold off mankind and their loved ones to gain access to the God Hand’s ultimate power.

Griffith may finally realize his dream of becoming

the God Hand’s leader after he takes this step and becomes the group’s last member.

While the mysterious Skull Knight saves Guts and his loved one Casca from certain death,

he witnesses the horrible slaughter of his fellow soldiers.

Guts, though, continues to see the deaths of his comrades in battle. Intestines loses an eye and an arm and Casca loses her mind after both were raped by Griffith’s reincarnation, Femto.

Miura released the first Berserk comic to readers in 1988.

After encountering Farnese of the

Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church, Guts is subjected to a nightmarish

torment that ends with Griffith’s

physical type being restored. While Griffith organizes a second Band of the Hawk

and enlists Zodd and other Apostles to ser

ve in its ranks to combat the oncoming Kushan military, Guts takes C

asca to the Elven land of Elfhelm for protection with the help of his new friends. The K

ushan invasion must be stopped at all costs, says Griffith. The destruction of the Kushan emper

or and the union of the spiritual and

natural realms mark the conclusion of the

war between Griffith, a renegade apostleĀ and the Kushan empire.

With the support of the Pope and Princess Charlotte, Griffith takes control of Midland without fear

of opposition from good or evil. With the goal of safeguarding the citizens of Midland from the escalating

assaults of wonderful creatures, he also establishes the city of Falconia.

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