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Mega call center, the best place to complain or complain

The Mega call center is the best choice for those who want to make complaints and want to get a solution as soon as possible. Mega is one of indonesian banking institutions and already has many customers. A variety of products and services is able to attract the interest of its regular customers.

Like other banking institutions, although they want to provide the best service to customers and the public, they still cannot satisfy all their customers. That is why there are still some complaints and complaints that they receive for the sake of  the development and progress of the bank itself.

In addition, everyone has different views, so it is natural that the bank will still receive a complaint, including Bank Mega. In fact, there are many ways for customers to submit complaints, either through a website, customer service, a call center, or directly through a visit to the bank’s Mega offices.

Nevertheless, many customers prefer the Mega call center service  for complaints,  since it is considered more practical and easier than going to branches and centers. However, you need to know in advance things related to the call center, so as not to take the wrong step.

 Ways to  contact the call center

How can you submit a referral if you do not know how to contact the Bank Mega call center. You can contact the call center via a landline or mobile phone, so it depends on the convenience of each person when you contact the call center for complaints or complaints.

For those who want to  use a landline phone to contact the mega-call center, call 1500010 number. It is different, if you want to use a regular mobile phone, then call 60010. You can contact both numbers from anywhere, be it at home, in the office, in public places and elsewhere.

Both numbers are only used for Indonesian people. For foreign customers who want to complain to Bank Mega, there is no need to worry, because for customers abroad there is also a special call center service, namely, by calling 021-29601600.

First, you are greeted by an answering machine, which usually  occurs when contacting the Mega call center. After that, there are several menus that you need to select according to the complaint or the intention to contact the call center. Only then will you be connected to Bank Mega to solve the problem.

Other ways to  complain

As we have already said, call centers are not the only way to file complaints or problems with the products and services of Bank Mega. There are many other ways to make a complaint, and you can choose it according to your needs and wishes.

In addition to mega call centers, there is a Bank Mega webmail as a replacement for megabank email. First you need to visit the official website of Bank Mega, and then visit the consultation page online. You can find several categories of problems that usually occur and you just need to enter the appropriate one.

Then there are other services that you can use to file complaints, such as social media. Bank Mega offers a number of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that you can use to submit complaints to learn more about products and services.

The last step you can take to file a complaint is to go directly to the bank’s Mega offices, both bank branches and head offices, depending on the complaint you submit. Some complaints need to be resolved at the head office, although some of them are enough to reach the bank branch.

Can complaints be free of charge?

This question is often raised by those who want to contact the call center. Many of us repeatedly think about contacting a call center because we think it confiscates a lot of credit. So, does contacting the Mega call center  cost a lot of credit?

Just like call centers in general that need credit if you want to contact them. It’s just that, it’s not as big as we could imagine, because it depends on the type of phone used, the operator and the duration we’re talking about. But still, you must first give credit.

As discussed earlier, mega call centers can be contacted using landlines or regular mobile phones. If you use a landline phone, the only tariff that is charged is the local tariff, so it does not take up much credit, so you don’t have to worry.

For ordinary mobile phone users, it also depends on the operator used, because each operator has its own policy of tariffs for contacting the call center. Nevertheless, in general, the rate is calculated within a few minutes, so the longer you call, the more tariff.

Is the service available in 24 hours?

In addition to credit problems, for many people it is also a question of mega call center  slots or uptime . Many customers think in advance about when it is the right time to contact the call center, because they do not know the working hours offered by the bank.

In order to provide a satisfactory service to customers and the public, Bank Mega provides call center services for 24 hours. So, you can contact the call center anytime, anywhere you need it. For example, in the morning, during the day, at night or early in the morning.

The sooner you make a complaint or complaint, the sooner you will get the best solution. This is one of the best forms of service that Bank Mega wants to provide to customers and the public. So, you do not need to worry if you encounter such a problem.

So, if you encounter problems related to the products and services offered by Bank Mega, you can immediately  transfer it through the Mega call center. This way, the problem will not drag on and will quickly get the best solution so that no problem continues.

Common problems contacting call centers

Any banking institution, restaurant, office or business that is already large usually has a call center number, which is a place where customers can complain and complain. Similarly , with the Mega call center , which is always well served and offers targeted solutions.

If you encounter problems using Bank Mega products, of course, this is quite annoying, especially if you are busy and have a lot of work, certainly emotions will also contribute to this. Together with a call center that cannot be contacted at a certain time, the problem may worsen.

The problem of the call center, which cannot be achieved, usually arises due to the large number of incoming calls, thereby increasing telephone traffic. This is of course the case, and the solution you can do is to contact him later or avoid peak hours, such as working hours, to establish a smooth connection.

For those of you who have problems or have questions regarding Bank Mega products and services, you can contact the given call center number. Make sure you make good use of this Mega call center service  to solve any problems that arise.

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